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After the premiere of the “A nameless band – the musical”, the show is back again with a new date – October, 23. Due to the large success and the huge production, the musical once again will take place at Arena Armeec hall. The tickets for the fabulous spectacle are available at Eventim’s network.

On November 1, the “musicians” from “A nameless band”: Maria Ilieva, Valentin Tanev, Filip Avramov, Rumen Ugrinski and Stanimir Gamov amazed the audience with their brilliant acting and were awarded with 20 minutes of applause. The big surprise was the theater debut of the charming actress and singer Nedelyana Hrisnova – Nel who received a lot of positive reviews for playing the fatal singer Reny.

The brilliant cast included also: Katerina Evro, Georgi Mamalev, Nikolay Urumov, Stefan Denolyubov and his little son Filip, Georgi Spasov, Bozhidar Popchev, Dilyana Popova and Dessy Morales.

The unique musical was recreated under the direction of Boris Radev. The dancers from NOVA ballet created the choreography. The children from the dance school NOVA, the dance formation “Chanovete” and the specially created for the show “A nameless ballet” have a spectacular appearance in the musical, too.

Three retro automobiles in the hall, 500 colorful balls, and falling autumn leaves made the experience for the audience unforgettable.