SC2 artwork

The extreme show Supercross Sofia 2 is postponed, due to logistic issues.

The spectacular competition was planned to take place on the 1st and 2nd of October in Arena Armeec, Sofia. The event for the fans of high speeds will have a new date for the next year moto season.

The change is necessary, because of the difficulties which occurred with transporting the convoy from USA. Moreover, some of the competitors don’t have the possibility to take part in the race in Sofia. The promoters of the event are apologizing for the caused inconvenience to its multitude fans by promising to compensate with more spectacular show during the next season.

Everyone, who bought a ticket for the show on the 1st and 2nd of October 2016, can return the ticket, as the money will be refunded in the period between the 16th of September till the 16th of November. The fans of the extreme sports can revalidate their tickets when the new date for Supercross Sofia 2 is announced.

The tickets bought on Eventim’s cashier have to be returned on the exact place there were bought. The tickets bought by credit card can be send via mail or given back in person in the main office of Eventim as the money will be refunded to the credit card in period of 14 working days.