The virtuoso of the Balkans’ ballads Zeljko Joksimovic will present his first concert in London

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The most popular singer and gifted composer in Serbia - Zeljko Joksimovic will perform his biggest hits for the first time in London, Troxy Hall on the 24th of March (Friday) 2017. The famous Balkans’ pop star became well-known in whole Europe with his emblematic musical masterpiece “Lane moje”. From this moment on, every released single is on the top of the charts not only in Serbia and The Balkans, but in countries like France, Poland, Netherlands and many others. His outstanding success is a result of his breathtaking live performances, which are a collaboration of traditional folklore instruments, Balkans’ rhythm, and pop ballads. The worldwide media has referred to him as “The Master of The Balkan Ballads”.
Besides his exceptional vocals, Joksimovic composes songs for some of the most famous singers in Serbia. The star fascinates his audience with incredible talent to play more than 10 different musical instruments, such as piano, guitar, and drums.