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Half a century since one of Levski’s most memorable moments, history is about to repeat itself…

At the end of 1967, at Vasil Levski National Stadium, the Blues face off against the Italian colossus Milan in the Round of 16 return match of the Champions Cup final. At that time, one Bulgarian name shines brighter than a star – that of Georgi Asparuhov. In the 75th minute of the game, via a free kick, Gundy fires a powerful projectile at the Rossoneri’s gate and scores an equalizer.

The Italians are highly impressed with the talent of the legendary footballer.
They will never forget the Bulgarian striker’s flat refusal to sign with their club, leave his homeland and play for the foreign team, despite the exorbitant amount they have offered.
Today they still remember the great Gundi and his unforgettable game on the green pitch.

Now, five decades later, the seven-time champion (title-holder) of Europe will once again pay tribute to the emblematic Number 9. On the 11th of August, Saturday, Milan will be the guest team to face Levski at Vasil Levski National Stadium for one spectacular show, celebrating the 75-year anniversary of the birth of Georgi Asparuhov – Gundi. The Red and Blacks will replace the initially announced opponent of the Blues - Boca Juniors.

Tickets bought for the Levski vs. Boca Juniors game, scheduled for August 19th, 2018, will be valid for the Levski vs. Milan game on August 11th, and will not need to be reissued.

Everyone together on the 11th of August in honor of Gundi!

“75 Years Georgi Asparuhov” event will be held on the 11th of August, 2018, at Vasil Levski National Stadium. Showtime: 19:43h. Tickets for the stellar football game between Levski and Milan are on sale in the Eventim network nationwide and online (at Ticket prices from 9.57 to 194.30 BGN. Price of a Family Package: 19.14 BGN, which includes two 9.57 BGN tickets. The Family Package is valid only for Sector G, and the two tickets included are not sold separately.

Find more information and news about the show on the Official Facebook event page.